Sunday, April 15, 2007

She did it! she did it!

"She said that she would do and indeed she did!" (refrains from My Fair Lady) I finished my Dale St Moritz .. only need to block, weave in the ends - and insert a shock cord (if someone convinces me I need one)..

Just finished it a half hour ago. The collar took forever.. 4 3/8 inch of ribbing which you fold over and tack down.

Here is the final product - not the best photo but I will take a better one (with me in it) once it is blocked (someday in the distant future):

And here are some details from the front:

And more from the back:

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me through my moods to toss it aside. The only change I made to the pattern was to shorten the sleeves 1 inch. I'm petite and I knew I would drown in them if I didn't.

Now - as much as I enjoyed it I don't think I'm ready to dive into another Dale - my shortterm future is shown below as I did 5 repeats of my Melon Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I will do another Dale someday. In fact - I have a Kashmir kit in magenta/rose which I adore - as well as Torino and the Foxes. Someday when I'm back into heavy wool winter mode.

But for now - I'm in lust with Victorian Lace Today. So many shawls to do!



Marina said...

It's gorgeous, Ricki! Well done!

Lorraine said...

Lovely- just think how much wear you'll get out of it next winter.

Another success for the Dale Group.

Marji said...


BTW, shock cord is elastic cord - think bungee cord on a smaller scale.
Love the lace too.

Bets said...

Gorgeous & well done!

Jennifer said...

It looks really nice. I hope you're happy with it. What do you do with the shawls? I finally found a pattern for one I thought I could wear to work, but I keep getting stumped as to what I would do with a shawl or wrap. I've been asking people who knit them regularly what they do with them to see if I can get any ideas for how I might wear one.

As a note, I also love Lucy's "modified traditional cast off" as she terms it. Much nicer bind off.

RickiLynn said...

Thanks everyone! you are all so kind! And Marji - I will order a shock cord for the facing. I guess it needs to be snugger. Jennifer - I work in an air conditioned office. I always keep one at my desk (I have a Peddler's shawl). Its a lot faster than putting a sweater on and off. Plus I get hot flashes a lot (I had to go off a high dosage of Estrogen 3 yrs ago after my mastectomies) - so as soon as I put one on - its time to take it off again! LOL!

My fancier shawls - are for going out. Again - the Air conditioned restaurants, etc..


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful, Ricki. I tried the crochet cast on. Easy. After doing it all, I read the pattern again and learned it starts at each end and you Kirchner the center.But I will use it next time.


Joanne said...

Gorgeous sweater!

Rebecca said...

Well done! She is gorgeous and you deserve to feel very proud of yourself indeed!