Saturday, April 7, 2007

Running out of yarn!

I think the probability of making a mistake when finishing a sweater is inversely proportional to the amount of yarn you have left.

I was making great progress today! Tacked my facings down, sewed the steeks (and YES - it was a lot easier than my previous crocheted steek adventure), cut the steeks, seamed the shoulders and then my luck ran out. I started to seam one of the sleeves and when I finished - one section just looked awful. I should have just let it be. But not me - no siree! I thought I was snipping the seam yarn but soon realized it was the sleeve facing. And all my efforts failed to patch it up. SO - I unseamed it all and unraveled the sleeve past the point that got messed up.

But guess what.. no more light blue yarn. I dont have a clue how I went through all the light blue yarn. I went thru my stash with no success - so I just ordered one skein on the Internet. In the meantime - I am taking a break on St Moritz. I think it needs one from me too! Some days its better not to knit!

Tomorrow is another day and a new pattern! Plan to do the melon shawl in Victorian Lace Today.. using Sea Silk in either melon or lily pond. Haven't decided yet!


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