Sunday, April 8, 2007

Thank you Lucy Neatby!

I am a HUGE Lucy Neatby fan! I learned about her on the Yarn Harlot's blog and immediately bought her instructional DVD's. Ever since I have been using her 1 step bind off techniques where you don't need to pass one stitch over the other. But this AM - I used her provisional crochet cast-on method. Yowsa! So much easier than making a crocheted chain and hoping you are really working in the back bump.

Its hard to explain but here is a general photo. You wrap the yarn around the needle while you are making the chain and then - you just knit off the needle with your real yarn. This gal is so smart!

And here is the start of my Melon shawl from Victorian Lace Today - page 146. I'm using "melon" colorway of Sea Silk yarn. Yummy! Love the colors and the texture. This yarn is so soft. I was planning to use the "lily pond" colorway but last night half of one of the hanks got all tangled up on my swift when I was using my electric winder (and I thought the winder would SAVE me time). The rest of the yarn and the "melon" worked just fine. I was close to tossing out the rest of the hank but decided to wind the rest manually - took me 4 hrs today!. Anyway - by that time - I wasn't interested in working with it anymore.

So - I haven't done much yet but here is the start after one repeat - did I mention how much I love this yarn?

This will be a fun project. The pattern is symmetric so I don't have to keep going back to the chart every few stitches. I promise - Dalers - that I will finish St Moritz - when my light blue skein arrives! I promise. Of course- I'm not saying how soon that will be!

Have tomorrow off to get my car cleaned up enough to take it to the dealership to discuss a trade-in and financing. I already found a great loan from Roadloans but the dealer wants to try to do one better. I'm not that great at negotiations - but it feels good to have a loan in my pocket.

Snowing here in Denver.. not surprising - we had snow in June one year!

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