Sunday, May 6, 2007

Yes I'm still alive!

If anyone was wondering.. I took a trip to visit my family on the East Coast (didn't really want to tell the world that my house would be relatively empty) and I'm just getting back to my normal routine! Came home to find so many chores to catch up on - especially with my backyard. Today - things are finally under control and I have had some time to get back to my blog!

In the meantime, I'm moving along happily on my Melon shawl - have done about 39 repeats (out of 61) before I go onto the border. So pretty - but it is a REAL monster when you make a mistake. Both my sister and I struggled when I dropped a stitch to figure out the pattern. I finally just ripped out about 5 rows and I never really repaired it. But you can't really tell - can you?

And I was inspired - my sister knits socks - not just any socks but amazing socks. She has made so many for herself and others in my family and they are just divine! So - I bought some of this:

And I am determined to overcome my distaste for dpns.. I can do this! I want to do this! I even bought the Lucy Neatby DVD on socks. So - its on my to-do list.

Then both my sister and I bought yarn to make this:

So pretty.. I bought Ella Rae Silkience yarn in coral. Very soft with a sheen. They have the nicest yarn shops in Lancaster, PA:

So - as usual - I have more yarn than time to knit. I'm back in the grind at work - have a court date this week (on my birthday) concerning a dog bite at a dog park last June. Sigh - don't want to go there right now. Jury duty on Thurs (where I'm not allowed to knit). But will work hard to get more done on my melon!

Glad to be back!

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