Sunday, March 25, 2007

Knitting on Toothpicks - Act 2

Well - its a good thing I only have two arms! Ta da! I finished sleeve one:

And started the cuff of sleeve two with my favorite knitting implements. Suddenly I had two free ones - noticed the stitches had slid off of one - and as I was diligently trying to pick them back up - this happened! Arrghhh!!!! Sorry about the photo quality but I didn't think they deserved another snap. I HATE DPN's and I don't care who hears me!!

So I finished the rounds using my one circular as a substitute and as soon as possible moved to the circular.. and no more DPN's for me no sirree no maam.. at least not for a long while! So here is my second sleeve:

If it goes like the first one - it will another two weeks of work. The pattern rows slow me down. So I think I may just finish this thing despite my protests!

And I am now the proud owner of a new Furnace/A/C - Love them! Have a variable speed furnace now so it doesn't have the wide swings (it is constantly circulating the air) and its quiet. And tonight - its 75 outside and was about 85 in my bedroom so I decided to switch it to A/C. Aaahh.. I was afraid it wouldn't cool my bedroom but I'm pleasantly surprised. Not COLD - just comfy. Definitely enough to replace my air cooler. So - life is good here in Colorado today despite the loss of a DPN!



Lorraine said...

I've had that happen with the smaller size Brittany needles-
may I suggest that you give the Pony Pearls a try?

I really like them.

Cheryl said...

I have trouble maintaining gauge on dpns. I once knit three sleeves for one sweater, just so that I'd end up with two sleeves of similar size. On the next sweater I switched to 2 circulars, and I haven't had that problem since.

I envy you the spring weather. Here in Alaska we're wrapping up our 4th coldest March on record. It makes me long to see the ground again.

RickiLynn said...

Thanks Lorraine - I will look into another brand. I'm just a clutz though when I have all these ends flying around and they get in the way of my vision.

Cheryl - Denver just had a spring snow storm last week but it melted after 2 days (typical March for us). I don't think I could live in a colder climate anymore. Now our lawns are green and I just spent 2 hrs outside mulching my flower beds today. Good think I enjoy it in the Spring - come July/Aug - I hate the weeding!

Etta said...

You write very well.