Thursday, March 15, 2007

The light at the end of the tunnel!

Not my sweater (sadly) - but the work I need to get done for a deadline at work (tomorrow). I think I will get it done (maybe not tested, but coded) tomorrow. Yay! What a mess this project has been. They didn't give us time enough to do it once - but decided to change things so we had to rewrite it 2-3 times already.

Good news is that my Homeowner's Assoc approved my A/C. There was really no reason for them to turn me down but I still had to have it.

Bad news is that I have three fresh holes in my backyard. Filled them just last Sat and they are back. wonder who????

I just received some gorgeous Louet Kidlin yarn (Linen/Mohair/Nylon lace wt) in Rose Bloom and Colorado Spruce. I need to start taking photos of my new yarns. This is so springy and pretty. Perfect for that lace shawl I'm DYING to start. Its just discipline that is holding me to finish St Moritz (which I did knit over lunch hour at least Mon and Tues - worked at home Wed and had eye dr appt today and have lunch meeting tomorrow). I'm onto circulars so its so much easier.

Got new "mid distance" glasses today - supposed to be for computer work and reading. Yuck!! I need to be really close to the computer and then - if anyone walks by - I can't see them without changing my glasses. Whoever invented these was smoking something!

Two days later: Eeeek... just noticed I used the same Title a few weeks ago. There ought to be an blog check to keep an old lady with a bad memory from doing that. Sorry!

About all for now.

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Rebecca said...

You BETTER finish St. Moritz! I need all the inspiration I can get since I have not even started my Dale.