Sunday, March 11, 2007

Knitting on Toothpicks!

No photos until later (I want to show more progress) but I FINALLY finished the St Moritz body and have started one of the sleeves. How knitters enjoy knitting socks - I don't understand. I am knitting the sleeves on US 1.5 DPN's and it's painful. This must be what bamboo torture is like. I keep getting pinched by one of the points and all these sticks keep flying around in my way. What is it that everyone else knows (knitting socks is so popular now) that I don't know. I intend to move to 16 inch circulars as soon as I have done enough increases.

Had a LONG talk with my boss on Friday. I told him I have to slow down, start taking lunch breaks again. That I am stretched way too thin due to losing resources but I can't keep going on the way I have been going. He told me to take even more breaks, work from home if I need a day to catch up. I think he is afraid I will leave - which I would probably do if things didn't change. So we will see how it goes.

Such a nice week here in Denver. We even had rain (so rare) last night. I filled up 4 big holes that the brats (my dogs) dug up last year with top soil. As if they won't dig them up again.

More later!

Later - here are the photos of my finished body and the start of my sleeve. I pinned the shoulders together so you can see the blue edge rows. I will be able to switch soon to circulars which will make me very happy!

The front:

the back:

And my feeble attempts with DPNs:

With my new work ethic - hoping this will go a lot faster from here on!

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Bets said...

Congratulations, it's looking beautiful!