Saturday, February 10, 2007

Toto, we're not in Kansas Anymore

Ahhh... finally onto something interesting. The good thing is that aside from the 2 center sections - the pattern is regular and I can memorize it. The bad thing is that the 2 center sections are very different and require a lot of concentration. And having to keep switching between 5 different pages is a royal pxxx ix txx axx (there is an insert for the front center) I enlarged the pattern so I can read them - but they ended up being slightly different sizes so I can't just cut them all and tape them all together. But - as I said - my knitting life is now challenging again.

Here are the first 11 rows of pattern:

Work is work.. long hours (I put in an 11 hour day on Thurs) and tiring. No matter which of my 10 assignments I work on - my boss wants to know the status of one of the other ones. Some days - I just want to turn in my badge and call it a day. I so envy all you who can knit all day long. I've worked 29+ years for my employer and you would think I would be in a groove. But lately its been harder. We are getting a nice bonus this year so they do appreciate us but I'd rather be knitting.

Some good news.. Denver has had a week or so of warmer temps and I can see grass. There is still icy areas in front of my house and a 2 foot pile of snow on either side of my driveway - but its definitely subsiding. And - if I avoid intersections - the dog walks are getting much easier - as long as we don't meet up with the neighbors who walk their dogs off leash. My two are much easier to live with and that does make me calmer too.

More photos at the end of the weekend!


Rebecca said...

I live up in Florissant (back side of Pikes Peak) and we have really enjoyed the warmer temps this week, too! Our dirt roads are even getting muddy because of the melting is going to be a long winter!

Anonymous said...

Knitting all day --??? I doubt if anyone really can do that---even if retired.I did know someone who knitted many, many hours a day--and said she practiced piano 3 hours a day. Also--said her house was a mess. And--I can only knit for awhile till I have to rest my hands. So--wish for more time but not too much. Say hello to the creatures.