Saturday, February 3, 2007

My Future Toy

I didn't go to the Creative Festival. Guess I'm too much of a chicken driving on ice. I don't feel too bad tho - I got a lot done on my Dale St Moritz.. By tomorrow I should be ready to start the pattern. I will post more photos when it is more exciting to look at. Dull, dull now.

This post is about my future toy: a 2007 Honda CR/V! Drum roll please!

I'm so excited. I drive a 93 Honda Accord which has served me well but its time for a replacement. Have spent $3000 for repairs over the last two years. The CR/V is Glacier Blue (prettier than the photo) with grey leather heated (yes!) seats, a moon roof, 4WD, 6 CD Changer and lots of other stuff. The only thing I'm not getting is the navigation system - the car I test drove today had one and frankly, from where I sat - I could not read it. Maybe its my old eyes and small fonts - but I know it wouldn't get used. The car I think I'm getting won't be manufactured until the end of Feb - so it should arrive around April or so. There are long wait lists for these.

So - something to look forward to!

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Jewel said...

Congrats on your new Honda! I got a 2007 Honda Odyssey for Christmas and I looove it!!