Sunday, February 18, 2007

Moving along slowly

I have made some progress on my Dale but slowly:

Part of the reason is that I've been dizzy and headachy all week (still am) and reading these charts (see below) makes it worse. And I spent most of yesterday talking to the electrician who was installing a new kitchen fixture. I'm just about past the big flower in the front. I'm enjoying the Dale but suspect I'm not going to be doing a second one in the near future (despite the kits I ordered). I cherish the memories of doing a symmetrical pattern that can be memorized. I think I may knit another Philosopher's Wool sweater after this is done.

And I think I may have some puckering in the area below the pattern - hoping it comes out when I block it.

Here is part of the problem. There are 5 subsections to the pattern. Three for the front which I've taped together and two for the back. I keep having to move back and forth between pages.

The good news is "yes Virginia - there is pavement under all this ice" - as you can see in this snap of my driveway from my guest bedroom:

Yay!! The dogs are going on their normal 30 mins walks again. And the garbage men can see my garbage cans again on my sidewalk (tomorrow is garbage day...).

I also put money down to order my Honda CR/V.. it will come in the first week of May. How exciting!

Has anyone had central A/C installed? I found out yesterday that in addition to the cost of the A/C - I am going to need a new fuse panel installed outside which will cost $1900 - eeekk!! I decided its time. I've been strong thru 20 Colorado summers but they are getting hotter (global warming and all that stuff..). Plus its too hard to knit when its 100 degrees in my bedroom!

Belle says - yes Mom - we want to be able to sleep on the soft bed when you go to work in the summer!

Have a good week!

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