Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snakes and St Moritz and Poopies!

I spent my day watching "Snakes on a Plane" - which is hysterical, one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time (not sure if it was supposed to be), working on my St Moritz (finished the section that you are supposed to duplicate stitch over using Wendy's technique to weave in the second color when it was needed), and took a break to shovel up dog poopies encased in snow. Progress on all fronts!

Here is where I am with the sweater:

It finally looking like a real Dale of Norway sweater. I'm very happy with it altho I think I may run out of yarn. Oh well - Heilo is easy to find and not that $$.

I also made an attempt to shovel some of the ice that hasn't melted yet in front of my driveway. So tired of driving over it. There is still a big pile of snow/ice to the right of my house in the cul-de-sac but it is getting short enough that I can start putting out my garbage cans. Until now - it was so high it blocked my sidewalk. I had to put my kitchen bags into big black trash bags and leave them on top of the snow pile so the garbage men could see them. I really sympathize for up-state New York right now. I will be happy if we don't get anymore snow for the rest of the year. I don't ski so I can say that.



Audrey said...

I made that sweater a couple of years ago, and I wish I had known then how to weave in the yarn to knit the stitches! I did all that stinkin' duplicate stitch by hand!

RickiLynn said...

Audrey - I first saw the sweater on the WendyKnits website and bookmarked her suggestions. This was so much easier. Makes me wonder why they don't suggest it! I'm also thinking of knitting the whole thing in the round - rather than going back and forth near the neck. I have some time to decide but I hate to two color purl.


Jennifer said...

Looks great. I like your colorway. Is it one of the Dale colorways or did you choose a custom colorway?


Lorraine said...

Your St. Moritz is lovely- just picture yourself wearing it- a real snowbunny.

I'm also going to steek the neck on my Sirdal to continue in the round.

RickiLynn said...

Jennifer - yes it is one of the colorways in the pattern book.. 2nd from the end!


Anonymous said...

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