Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes I'm still here again!

Well - they did reach a new Tentative Agreement Friday night so I'm here. I just wish I had a crystal ball come Halloween night. That is when the votes will come back from the union. If they vote the new TA down - that will mean immediate strike. I read the Message Boards and its my opinion, thanks to some of the more cooler minds, that it will pass. Primarily due the economy and the fact that a no vote means a strike. They have so much to lose this time around. But I remain on call to leave if it happens. And this is definitely getting old.

SO - having stayed up late on Friday - I functionned on 2 hrs of sleep yesterday, not doing much. Today I did knit. Almost through 2 repeats on the back of my wrap cardigan:

It looks like a lot - but here it is next to one of the fronts - which includes more than 4 repeats so I'm not even half done:

Amazing that I don't quit projects just from the repetition. I wish I was better at cabling and didn't need to use a cable needle. I tried doing it without one and keep dropping stitches.

And here are my wonderfully soft The Knittery part cashmere Autumn socks which I adore (can't you tell):

Well - at least I'm home for another 3 weeks. nahh.. they won't strike.

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