Sunday, August 31, 2008

Something New!

Its so much fun to cast on something new. I was thinking about that this week. It is a sense of renewal, of anticipation, of "another chance" to do it right. And the best thing about my next project is that the yarn is bigger than thread and I'm making a lot of progress. Its a good thing since I'm not a fast knitter. Here she is - the left front of the Jo Sharp wrapped cardigan in Cascade 220 Sapphire heather yarn:

I love the stitch definition with Cascade. I haven't used enough of this yarn. It is so soft but not drapy.

And I did a little bit of knitting on my Monkey socks:

And finally - another new toy. Qwest is migrating all their wireless customers to Verizon. My phone was on its deathbed so I decide to move over now. I love my LG decoy (it has a detachable Bluetooth headset - altho a bit too big for my ears). The phone is sexy - mirror finish. I love the downloads. I have my ringtone - Zeppelin's "Kashmir" and I add a Journey "Faithfully" ringback tone. The latter plays to caller while they are waiting for me to answer the call. Neat!

Finally - my heart goes out to all those people leaving New Orleans today on buses. After everything they went through 3 years ago it just isn't fair to have a repeat performance. I pray that Gustav turns out to be just a bad memory.

Tomorrow is a holiday and then I'm taking off Tues. Plan to block my bee shawl. Will post when its dry!

One last thing.. I am Ravelry'd out. I love it to find ideas for yarn or patterns but I have decided to "unjoin" both Sundara yarn groups. Seems that every thread turns into a "chat" with lots of silly things posted. Maybe I am getting old. I just dont' enjoy or have the time to wade thru all the silliness in order to read the minority of posts that are on topic. Oh well. I am getting old.

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