Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm still here!

So far so good but my fate is still not certain. CWA's contract with Qwest expired at midnight last night and now they are working without a contract. I read conflicting reports and the status. Some posters are ready to walk out, some say we are close to an agreement. Bottom line is that I still need to be ready to leave town if and when they strike. My only hope is that the closer we get to the Democratic Convention which Qwest is sponsoring, the lower the possibility of a strike.

So what does a stressed out knitter do? Buy yarn. Yes. I ordered myself a kit from Virtual Yarns to make Alice Starmore's Oregon cardigan in the Autumn Colorway:

This is the pattern from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2007 but I ordered the kit from Virtual Yarns which will also include the pattern.

And yesterday - since I knew I was going to be tired today from staying up till after midnight - I finished the socks (my recipe) I was making from Araucania Multi. Very plain and simple.

I really like this yarn. But I thought it was time to knit some more interesting socks so I started knitting Cookies' Monkey sock pattern last night - this is a Lime & Violet yarn - I can't remember the color since I tossed the label. Not a great photo but I will take more of them when I get further along. I am still on the twisted rib cuff.

But - even with only 4 hrs of sleep - I did make some progress on my bee today. I am done with the Bee In Fields 1 section and 3 rows into the 13 row border. At this rate - maybe I will be done by Labor Day assuming I am home. Yeah. it looks just like it did last week (the border is more of the same pattern from Bee in Fields 1):

So - its only 4PM here and I am so ready to go to bed. Nite..

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