Sunday, October 14, 2007

Doing socks spoiled me!

I realize now - that after being able to finish a pair of socks so quickly, I'm spoiled. I've been working on my Mermaid maybe 1 month - I'm nearing the middle of the body and it seems like an eternity! I love the results but all this garter stitch is beginning to get to me. I WILL finish it but I think I may have to break my rule of "one project at a time" and throw in some socks in the middle.

I have decided its time to do some patterned socks. Haven't decided which ones but I have some gorgeous Dream In Colors smooshy yarn in Ruby River. Do I dare knit two things at once?

Here is where I am on the Mermaid:

Four gussets in all:

And I am about 6 rows into the back gusset:

I have modified Amy's pattern up to row 384 - the end of the gusset. From that point Hanne's instructions are to reverse what you just did. Argghhhh!!!! Thank goodness I have Amy's size medium to compare with (not the best grammar!). As much as I admire Hanne's work and I know the final product will be magnificent - it isn't the easiest pattern to follow.

Well - it is 41 degrees in Colorado - snowing in the mountains and they are predicting a mix of snow/rain here tonight. I had the A/C on last week. Geezz..

Have a good week and stay warm!

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