Friday, October 19, 2007


I had an "aha" moment today. A year ago I decided to "knit from my stash" along with "Wendy Knits" but I failed miserably. In fact - the worse part is that I used to be happy with $3/skein yarns on sale at Elann. In fact the "aged" section of my stash is full of that. But no more.. no siree not me. Now I lust after silk/mohair blends that run for $30/skein or more. And I long for (and satisfy my longing for) sweater kits that cost a lot more $$ - I'm too embarassed to admit - Bohus, Fleece Artist, Poetry In Stitches, Starmore, etc. And now I even pay for Int'l shipping. Geezz Ricki.

I know I have only myself to blame - but the internet, all the blogs, ravelry, have given me a window into others' projects and I want what I see. I know - I'm old enough to know better.

Well - I'm now 58 and a half years old now. And - Waaahhh - I want to retire!! I don't hate my work but it really does chew up too much of my day.

The dilemma is - even tho I have a wonderful pension in my future - if I don't stop buying yarn and start saving more.. I will not be able to afford to retire anytime soon - and that means I will never get enough time to use all this yarn. Catch 22!


So - other than the two yarn clubs that I recently joined (ArtWalk from Zen, and Sundara's new "Seasons" club) - I REALLY REALLY REALLY am going to stop buying any other yarn until I'm retired. It shouldn't be a hardship. Just my kits should keep me occupied. And those monthly tidbits should keep me happy. Right?

So PLEASE everyone - stop blogging with all these amazing photos of your new projects with links going to every online knitting store in the world.



Sheryl said...

You're too funny! I just started knitting 3 years ago. I learned how to do socks this summer (started something evil there).. and while I was off for surgery bought yarn off the internet for a sweater (I have the back finished, started on the right front).. my goal. Only to buy for one "big" project at a time. And I am keeping socks going, so that I have something to do on my lunch hour! I'm amazed at the sweater you're working on. My first one is very simple and with big yarn!

RickiLynn said...

You are smart. Stay that way. I used to buy for one project at a time. That was before the internet. I had to drive ALL THE WAY to a yarn store which was way on the other side of town.

The internet changed all that. It makes the yarn buying thing all too easy and there is so much temptation on everyone's blogs. I also learned to knit socks this summer and then I discovered all these web sites that only sell sock yarn.

Good luck to you!