Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pushing through the uglies

Well - yesterday I almost tossed my Kauni. I hit an orange-red violet combination and frankly - it was pretty disgusting. I almost tossed (in fact I ordered 2 new skeins of the yarn which I have since bequested to my sister). After a pep talk from my KAL buddies - I closed my eyes and pushed thru the ugliness and came out through the back door only to find this pleasant surprise:

This sweater takes a lot of "blind faith" and stamina. But I think it will end up to be a masterpiece. Maybe? I have about an inch to go before the armhole steeks and there's no turning back now. And note that the corregated ribbing is still curling despite the German twisted cast-on. Oh well - hope that some steaming will take care of that.

Also wanted to flaunt another new addiction of mine - Vera Bradley Java blue.. In the last month - I have purchased a Lindsay, cosmetic bag, wallet, and checkbook. All but the last on ebay. Can I say I LOVE this print? Here is my collection:

These items are so nicely made. Very sturdy, can be washed in the machine. I think I can use them all year round. The print isn't too summery. LOVE THEM!

I am trying to kick a stomach bug this weekend. Who knows where I picked it up - maybe at the doctor last week (had my blood drawn for cholesterol test). Some days I think I need to just stay home.

Have a great week! Since next week is the Harry Potter book 7 release - I need to get lots done before then. I will be immersed in HP once it comes and Kauni will come second!


Anonymous said...

Ricki, the sweater is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the yarn.


Tamara said...

Your sweater looks wonderful! And the new VB stuff is lovely too.

Anne said...

Hi Ricki

I find that my corrugated rib always rolls up at first, no matter what cast on I I don't worry about it any more, and yes, it always blocks out nicely.........I'm with you on HP. Once I've picked up my book on Saturday morning....don't talk to me until I'm done LOL!