Monday, July 9, 2007

Moving right along!

I thought I would post my progress on Kauni. This yarn is amazing.. it just winds its own path thru the shades of color. I started with blue/green in the ribbing (1 color difference) - and I found myself eventually at green/orange ( 2 color difference) and now I'm back to yellow/orange (1 color). Isn't it gorgeous!

And I wanted to also show how I'm weaving the yarns in and out (if only for the steek). This is the Philosopher's Wool technique - to weave a new yarn in 6 stitches before it is needed - and to weave the old yarn out 6 stitches after it is not needed anymore. When the sweater is done - all I have to do is to clip the ends with a scissors. No weaving ends in. Love it:

So back to work tomorrow - and much slower progress! But someone has to pay for my yarn habit!



Annie C said...

I love how your colors are turning out! I was thinking of doing something similar and now I'm convinced. :)

Tamara said...

Very pretty, but I don't understand why you are cutting the yarn at all. Could you just continue the round with one yarn, then carry it up at the steek to the next row when it is needed? I thought that was part of the beauty of this sweater - the simplicity of not having ends to deal with. My yarn just arrived yesterday and I'm about to start on this too.

Tamara said...

Oh, I just saw the other discussion! I'm caught up now. ;-) I love all the green in your sweater so far too!

Danielle said...

I love how the colors are turning out in your kauni, just beautiful my dear :-)