Sunday, June 3, 2007

Coming to the finish line!

I've been away for awhile but staying busy. I've finished the two long sides and one short side of my shawl (now measures about 65 inches long). I decided to follow Grumperina's lead.. and did the narrow point border instead of the one in the pattern. Probably a good thing or else I would have run out of yarn. Here is my masterpiece:

I'm happy with it (there are a few mistakes but who can tell!) - but I'm thinking about overdyeing the yarn with solid pink. I think the variegated colors overwhelms the pattern. This coming from a Charlotte's Web shawl devotee who loves the look of the Koigu yarn on Charlotte. I just think it depends on the pattern. This one needs a solid color. So - I should be done this week.. and then.. ta-da...

I REALLY am not wanting to do lace for awhile so I am going to tackle my first pair of socks. Yes, me, socks. Wish me luck, say a prayer, light a candle, whatever it takes. I will either swear off of them for life or maybe I will find a new love.

As I said earlier - I have been busy busy busy. Over the holiday I put on new license plates, Fixed my doggy door, spackled and painted my kitchen ceiling, pressure washed and restained my deck. That plus other weeding, etc.. So - it wasn't that I didn't want to blog - I was too exhausted to blog. But now things are under control and I can come inside some of the time.

Thinking about my next vacation over 4th of July week.. I'm taking the two days off after the 4th and the following Monday. By then - I'll be a sock maven.

Be well,

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