Saturday, June 9, 2007

The lady did a sock!

Wow! a sock!

Not the best sock but a sock! This was a hybrid pattern from watching Lucy Neatby DVD's, three patterns I found, and calling my sister once a day to get help. At the end I got brave (decided to forego Lucy's sock chimney) and grafted it off the needles. Probably not the best idea. I really couldn't see what was going on to the right of my needles and I ended up having to tidy things up later. The stitches were much too loose. But it worked.

Until I was ready to (per Lucy) suture up my holes. Hah.. Turned the sock inside out and there was this piece of yarn hanging from one of the holes to another stitch about an inch away. Sigh.. I still sutured the hole but used some yarn to "lock down" the hanging yarn. I don't have a clue where that came from.

But what can you ask for a first sock! It is done.. it is gorgeous yarn (love the Trekk Color) and I am ready to do number two. I think after this pair tho - I may make the next one smaller.

I always hated these poses - but I had to do it:

Oh - and does anyone know if X's are supposed to be there where I picked up the stitches around the heel flap? Something tells me I did something wrong..

Later (Sunday the 10th):

To those who thought - boy that lady has an enormous foot.. I was wondering why the sock was comfy but didn't hug my foot. I decided to measure across the instep - and it was 8.5 inches (supposed to be 7.5) EEEKK! For some reason - the final gauge was a lot bigger. Maybe I knit looser in the round? Whatever. so my first sock is only in the memory book on this blog! I ripped it out (why bother making two that don't fit) - and I'm going down to 44 stitches total (I had used 52). I'm determined to stay with US 2 (3.0 mm) DPN's since they are a lot easier for me than anything smaller. Will see if the next ones fit!

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