Sunday, May 20, 2007

2.5 repeats to go and my garden is looking fine!

This has been a very productive weekend. Only 2.5 repeats to go on the melon center panel (I should be able to finish it this evening) - but I planted all my perennials, annuals and trimmed my hedges. I'm taking a 4 day weekend next week - and plan to repaint my ceiling and restain my deck. I WILL get all that done and THEN - its just maintenance work in the yard (weed, fertilize, etc..) This is a hard time of the year for single knitters with large yards. But satisfying!

After a hiatus due to rerun fatigue - I have started watching Knitty Gritty again. Last week there were some great shows - one with Joan McGowan-Michael - designer of knitted lingerie. I LOVE the Amelie corset. Time to have a talk with me.. can a petite woman who had a double mastectomy without reconstruction REALLY wear one of these. Well - I am SURE going to try cuz I love it!

Also had one show about some neat belts - double knitted.

Also she had Lily Chin on one day who gave some great tips. I never thought of doing "cable purling cast-on" - with the working yarn if you run out of tail in long-tail cast-on. What a great idea!

So - I have lots of inspiration and so little time to try things. Things will get better.. And - I hit a milestone at work this week - so hopefully I will be able to knit again at noon. maybe.

Photos after I start doing the border on my shawl.

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