Sunday, June 17, 2007

I understand the love of socks!

So - two weeks into this and I got the fever! Yes - I am almost done with my first pair of knitted socks and I can see why this is such a big trend! I'm not sure exactly why I like it but I do. Its either the fact that it goes so fast, has a lot of variety, is portable, is something I can do even after a long day at the office since it doesn't require a lot of chart reading.

But Skacel/Addi has done it again to me. Their darn US size variations. I have been using US size 2.. which is what the patterns suggest. And you think - since I got burned last winter with Addi Turbo circulars - I would focus on the mm sizes but no - not me, no siree. Most US size 2 = 2.75 mm. But Skacel DPN US Size 2 = 3mm. So even tho I did a gauge and the sock goes around my foot - the fabric (I think) is too loose. So the next pair.. I'm going down to 2.50 (size 1?). I'm trying hard to find some nice 6 inch size 1's in bamboo. Not many out there.

I'm curious about the Lantern Moon sox stix but they are only 5 inches long. Not sure if I can keep the stitches on it - but maybe since they will be smaller stitches. Will see.

Another item on my scope is the Kauni cardigan which is Yarn Harlot is knitting. The pattern is free - but the yarn is currently only available overseas. So - I placed an order with Astrid. And it will get done sometime - but not until I get socks out of my system. Can't believe I've waited so long to get into them.



Rebecca said...

I, too, have learned the hard way to go by mm size. I wish Addi made a 2.25 size as that is my favorite sock size. I actually prefer the 5" dpns to knit with. The longer needles seem to be too fidgety.

RickiLynn said...

Thanks Rebecca.. I don't understand Skacel/Addi - why they are so different. I am hoping the rosewood DPNs (Lantern Moon) work out. They sure are pretty!


Annie said...

I've had the same frustration with size 2 (US) needles being different lengths from different manufacturers. I've tried the Sox Stix from Lantern Moon and they are very pretty and I like the shorter length but I kept snapping them in half so now I'm back to trusty bamboo. It could just be how I hold the needles so hopefully you won't have that problem too.

The love of knitting socks is an interesting thing. I find myself completely unable to communicate just why it is so addictive to the non-knitters in my family but I figure it doesn't matter since there are so many knitters out there who understand!