Sunday, December 7, 2008

Monkey See! Monkey Do!

Unlike the Yarn Harlot I'm not even going to suggest that I don't knit things based on what everyone else is doing. In fact, since the Internet, my stash has grown in leaps and bounds so that I can follow the leader.

When everyone did Kauni, so did I. When everyone was doing Hanne Falkenberg's Mermaid, so did I. So I had to try the Noro 1x1 ribbed scarf. I found some Noro Silk Garden on sale and tried to pick out coordinating colors. Having finally gotten to the point on my blue wrap cardigan where I would have to block it before I could do anything more - I decided that I needed color in my life. Something relatively mindless with lots of color.

What I loved about the Kauni was the surprise of finding the combinations of color. This shawl has that same property - which is why I think everyone is so drawn to it.

So here I present the start of mine:

I love it.. love how the colors blend. Magic. But don't try to frog this yarn. I actually knit twice this much today, realized afte rabout 3 inches that I had dropped a stitch on the edge. Ripped it out and started over again. Noro Silk Garden has all these little threads wrapped around the yarn and when you frog it - they get unwrapped. I had to pull a lot of the threads out since they were all tangled up. Oh well - I think it still looks fine. Oh - Noro also has lots of knots in it. I unknotted them and reknotted them with longer ends so I can weave them in easier. What a pain. but worth it!

Two weeks until my Xmas break! YAY!

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