Sunday, December 14, 2008

Me and Splitty yarn!

I decided yesterday I wanted to finish the Part Cashmere Autumn socks I have been knitting since Sept (arghh!!). I did the gusset, the wrapped stitch part, and was almost at the end of the section where you pick up the stitches at the end of each row. Then I noticed that I had dropped a stitch. I really really tried to fix it. But darn - this yarn was so splitty and also very sticky.. that I couldn't sort out the stiches after awhile. I admire those of you that can work with this stuff. I guess if you never make any mistakes??

If the 1st sock had fit better I may have tried longer. In fact - I ripped it back all the way back into the gusset.. but once again, when I tried to get the stitches back on the needles - it split all over the place. That was it. Bye bye socks. And I've learned that - me and spitty yarn don't get along - at least with size 1 DPN's.

But now I'm happy. I started a new pair this AM with normal yarn, nice soft, non-splitty yarn. I think the color is Navaho.. but I wound it up last summer and can't remember the vendor. It may be Lime & Violet or Araucania Ranco Multi but I can't be sure. But I sure like it:

I also learned that I cannot start a new pair of socks and watch The Dark Knight. sigh.. And that I prefer the wood DPN's to the metal ones despite the fact that brown yarn is very hard to see with the Harmonies.

Need to go out and shovel soon.

One more week until vacation! Yay!

Later: I dug the Autumn sock out and managed to get it back on my needles about 14 rows into the gusset. so all's not lost. I am going to do the heel REALLY slow the next time so that i don't make any mistakes.. I'm a sucker..

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