Friday, May 23, 2008

Loving the Four Day Weekend!

I am so loving the 4 day weekend I planned. Decided I need time to catch up with my blocking and knitting since my major yard work was done.

But then.. I looked outside my kitchen window where I have an eyesore everyday. There is this big ugly old evergreen that keeps falling over (I had a rope holding it up). So - optimistic me - went out with my saw and chopped it down. Hah! I beat it! The remains aren't pretty but they will die eventually and I plan to replace it with one or two Rose Of Sharon trees:

But then - what appeared to be a somewhat reasonable size tree became a real chore. I had to drag this humongous heavy tree to the side of the house. But I persisted and here it is:

So then I could really relax. I blocked two pairs of socks:


And I blocked my Mr Greenjeans - Love it! (hoping it will fit around me when its done):

And then back to my Bee Fields shawl. I think I've finally figured out the rationale behind the stitch marker changes. I am up to row 27:

And here is a closeup of the pattern. I am on the section called Beehive.. I guess it does look like beehives:

If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to prevent a YO from jumping a stitch marker please let me know. This one has a lot of YO's at the start and/or end of a repeat - I keep losing them into the next repeat.

So it has been a good day. And the best part is that I have 3 more days!

I was thinking the other day how much Ravelry has changed blogland. I'm not sure if the bloggers have gone away or if I am just not spending as much time on them. But where I used to be constantly inspired and seduced into making things.. I'm not as much anymore. Maybe its cuz I have so many project in my queue. Not sure. I still enjoy blogging tho.. I find it easier than using Ravelry (with Flicker) plus I can talk about a lot more things. Like ugly evergreens. hah!

Just a note on how tragic the tornado was yesterday in Colorado. It was North of where I live so there never was concern about my home. But we normally don't get those giant ones here.. just smaller ones. A mile wide! Amazing.

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