Sunday, May 11, 2008

Less Is Sometimes More

I am really in love with this Antique lace pattern and intend to wear it to death when I'm done but I really, really, really wish that Ilga had created fewer charts/written sections for each piece. When I am knitting the V-neck - for one row - I am having to read three different sets of directions (each with different numbering conventions) - and sometimes the directions are on different pages or different sides of the same page. So it is taking me forever to do one row. Oh well - what can I do. I do love it.

And here is the back:

And this is where I stopped. The right front is done (waiting to be attached to the back) and I'm about 9 rows from the end of the left front:

But I do love it.

And I won't bore you with all my yard photos: but here are a few (please ignore the lawn. It rained here on the day my mower guy comes so the lawn is sorely needing to be mowed):

And here are my peonies..and one lonely bleeding heart (I would love to move it but I'm afraid it will die since I tried to separate it one year and the offspring didn't make it). This flower bed is the only part of my yard that isn't as dry as the rest since it gets the shade of my house in the hot afternoon sun.

Here is my terrace. I planted hostas around my trees and two new "basket of gold".

Here is my hill. I trimmed the hedges, pulled out grass and lamb's ear that had grown into it, and mulched, and planted annuals (some of which have already been dug out - guess who)

My body still hurts from all the yardwork but it feels good to be done.

Have a great week! I have to go back to work, darn.

so what's next? I started a simple sock using Araucania Multi. But my next big project is this gorgeous Anne Hansen Bee Fields shawl

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