Sunday, April 13, 2008

I beat Lou!

Yay! I beat Lou (Guitar Hero) on Easy mode and I've progressed to Medium Mode. Argh!! Now I have to use 4 fingers and the notes are coming faster! I keep losing where I placed my first 3 fingers everytime I have to use the 4th one. My hands are just too small! Hah! I can only take about a half hour at a time. My hands get so tired.

On a happier note... here is my Mr Greenjeans. I finished the first sleeve and I'm well into the second:

Here is a closeup of the sleeve cuff. It is moving fast since it uses size 8 needles for the body and size 7 for the cables.. So pretty:

Right now - the sweater looks too small but the direction say to open up the cables when it is blocked so I'm hoping it will open up a lot.

And what is next? I need to finish the Opal Crazy socks (one is almost done, and I have the second) and I plan to start this:


I haven't decided on whether to use my "Straw" Lady Godiva or my "Glacier. After working with Peach I am thinking I want to do the "Glacier". Here it is:

I think that will be perfect for the summer!

3 more weeks and I'm taking a week off from work. I have to work on my yard a lot but I'm hoping to put a dent in my knitting too.

Have a great week!

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