Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surviving on little sleep!

I am one of those souls who is much more productive in the morning than the evening so I like my mornings to be long. The side effect of that is that I go to bed VERY early in the evening and most days - I am up by 4AM.

Well - Murphy's law struck last week. I came down with some kind of virus. It hit my stomach first and then my sinuses. I stayed home for 1.5 days from work and then went back but was very tired. Thursday night I left work a little early wanting to get home so I could crash. Then this happened:

Yep - that is a hole. A sink hole on one side of I-25 which I innocently drove onto Thursday night as I do every night. A big water main broke under the highway (why in the world they put one there in the first place??) and the pavement caved in. It took me 2 hrs to get home!! What was maddening is that there are HOV lanes and they didn't decide to open them up until later that evening.

So Friday I took the side streets home - but guess what - so did the rest of N. Denver. So that took me 1 hr to get home.

Bottom line is that I am not getting the sleep I need to kick this virus and I'm not doing much knitting either.

I left my Embossed Leaves socks at work.. but here is my cardigan.. I am about 3 inches into the armholes. It is pretty but takes a lot out of me when I'm this tired.

Please say a little prayer for me that they get the sink hole fixed by rushhour tomorrow? I think they have opened up a few lanes but rushhour traffic in Denver needs 5 or 6!

And just a final risque view of my little Belle.. I think she is sleepin but she has no shame!

Have a better week than I did!

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