Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sweater of Many Colors

I've made good progress on my Philosopher's Wool Southwest cardigan. I'm very pleased. I think the body is looking better than the sleeves even. Here ya go:

My only frustration.. is that - even tho I am giving the yarn a tug in the purling sections in the middle of the cross - the background color is still showing thru from the back. But lucky for me I have signed up to take the Bourgeois' seminar at the Denver Creative Festival on Feb 1st (as long as it doesn't snow like it did last year) so I will find out what I'm doing wrong.

One of the beautiful parts of a fair isle is the inside.. so I had to take a photo of that too:

The PW technique weaves every other stitch so it is a very thick fabric. There is only one steek stitch done with a double yarn purl which makes it so easy when it comes time to finish. No need to create facings. And you can see the stitch to be cut so easily from the back. And you weave all the yarn in as you go so there is really very little weaving. My kind of sweater!

And here is the small progress I've made on the Embossed Leave sock:

I'm feeling a lot more comfortable that this will fit when I'm done since the patterns pulls in a lot. I will wear them anyway. Hah! They are too pretty to give away. I'm not getting much done - since last Friday and all of this week I am working from home from 4AM to Noon to help our offshore (India) system testers. I'm not taking knitting breaks and I'm too pooped to knit when I stop. This too shall pass.

This AM.. I decided to take an inventory of my kits. Well.. if I knit 3 of them a year I have enough kits to last into my 70's. So that's that.. NO MORE KITS. And I'm not even considering the other yarn I bought without a project in mind nor the sock yarn (which is my current "crack" hit) and the lace yarn. I promised myself to pull out that inventory whenever I am tempted by blogland.

Hope you have a great week!

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