Sunday, January 6, 2008

Not much accomplished this week!

Good thing I'm a process knitter. So what if I have to start something all over again.

The only thing I have to show for myself this week is the start of the Embossed Leaves cuff:

The Smooshy yarn is wonderful.. so soft and such a nice blend of blues. And the best part is that I learned something new - a 1x1 rib cast-on. It was so easy that I decided to try it for my PW body.

Hah! I had to cast on 170 stitches.. and of course something interrupted me and I ended up making mistakes (I ended up with the wrong type of stitch at stitch 170). So I decided to just do a long tail cast-on.. and then spent the last two days working on the ribbing. I was at the last stripe just awhile ago, looked down, and realized I hated the cast-on.. it was way too loose for a sweater - with big loops hanging down. Sigh.. I really need to evaluate my knitting a lot earlier before I spend time adding to it.

So I just threw it all away (I have plenty of PW yarn).. and I will start over. I think I will just do a cable cast-on and assume that will take me the rest of the day! But I'm a process knitter so what difference does it make - right?

Charlie continues to improve.. One of his wounds is scabbed over - the other will soon. So glad!

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