Sunday, January 13, 2008

Much better!

My Southwest body has improved 100% since last week. I started from scratch, used a cable cast-on and I'm past the ribbing and onto the first pattern (6 rows of triangles):

But then last night, after my ribbing was done I took out the chart and tried to figure out how to center the pattern at the front since I am converting it to a cardigan. I also needed to figure out where to put the single steek (PW sweater use a single steek) The main graph pattern repeat is 11 stitches and the total number of stitches is 220. It would work fine if I was doing a pullover, but to center the repeat - would mean that I would have 5 stitches to the left of the steek, the steek stitch which would take up the center stitch of the repeat, and then 5 stitches to the right of the steek. Fine - I can do this. I took out Excel - and charted out where I would be after adding the steek stitch - and of course - now that the total number of stitches = 221 - I was no longer at a multiple of 11. I decided to do a dec in the middle of the back and like Magic - the main pattern will fit perfectly.

But what do I do about the triangles. Those repeats are a multiple of 6. Even for a pullover - there was no way I could make those fit perfectly. So - I decided to focus on the front, I centered that - and the pattern doesn't match on one side. Later - I was thinking I should have let the pattern divert equally on each side - but I don't have the patience to rip it all out again. If anyone complains - they are looking too close! Hah!

And I'm delighted with my "day" knitting.. Here is the gorgeous Embossed Leaves sock in Smooshy:

Its such a pretty pattern. I'm hoping it fits. Even if it doesn't - I've sure enjoyed knitting it!

Have a great week!

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