Sunday, April 12, 2009

Its really April 12?

Geez... its April 12th and I haven't posted anything since 2008. Sorry to anyone who reads my blog. I have been trying to figure out why and what has happened to the knitter in me.

One thing - my 93 yr old Mom passed last December. I spent the next month or so staring at the wall. Even though she lived a long life, it left such a big hole in my world. I lost 14 lbs and stopped everything. One wonderful thing is that my old friends from my teenage years reconnected with me and now I have them back in my life.

But that doesn't explain everything. Coming out of the fog - all I have wanted to do lately is read. I had a week off and finished reading 3 books. Did very little knitting. I think its that I can get lost in the books - don't have to do any thinking and I want to get lost. And going back to work - I have been working long hours including an all nighter last Friday night for a release. No energy left to knit.

So what is this all about? I think it is partly because I started knitting the "Festjakke jacket" by Solveig Hisdal. If you have knit it - it is a fair isle pattern using Fingering weight yarn. 355 stitches. Takes an hour to do one row (for me). I am struggling to pick it up. But I don't want to start something else until its done.

I also realize that I'm not as inspired as I once was. I think its partly due to Ravelry... yes Ravelry. I used to peruse the blogs with all their daily photos and information. Lots of new yarns and projects. Now - more and more have stopped blogging and spend more time on Ravelry. I just don't have the time to spend going through all the Forums - mostly without photos. I like using Ravelry when I have a project which I didn't know which yarn to use, or a yarn which I didn't know which project to use.. but I don't use it to get inspired. Maybe its just me.

Anyway - after this long spiel - I have very little to show you. I finished knitting one pair of plain Ranco Multi socks (that I started last year) and started a new pair with BlueMoonFibers STR yarn. Just stockinette toe up.

I hope I get inspired again one day. I have a whole stash to knit and if I don't start soon it will never get done. If it ever starts again I will post here. Otherwise I don't want to bore you with my gibberish!! Hah!


Anonymous said...

Hi RickiLynn - when our parents are gone, I think we start to realize our mortality too.....I've just gone thru this as my Uncle, my Mother's Brother, the last of the parental group (he lived with us all his life) died and I'm surprised at how big a hole it has left in my life.......and I haven't been knitting for a while either because ? who knows......sometimes these things are mysterious.....sometimes it's just because you beed a break.

I definitely hear you about Ravelry....I've decided recently to forego ravelry and stick to my bloglines ravelry, everyone who has befriended you now shows up in the friends much info in.....a lot of it "junk" so to I'm back to my bloglines list of blogs that I read and that's where I'll be watching your blog in future....enjoy your new "old" friends and do what makes you happy.


RickiLynn said...

Thanks Anne. I just don't get the enjoyment from Ravelry that I used to get reading the blogs. Ravelry gives you snippets, short comments and replies. I also am getting tired of all the "off topic" chatter in the forums. I really used to love reading the blogs. Maybe they will come back someday.

I'm sorry about your uncle. I went to see a grief counselor but found that he brought up feelings I wasn't ready to talk about. I will get thru this but its harder than I ever expected. I am lucky to have 3 wonderful sisters and my newly rediscovered teenage friends that give me lots of support.

Be well,

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